This information relates to parents and families who seek to have their child attend onsite during remote learning and who fall within the Department of Education categories for attendance.

Please find attached the On-Site Attendance Form provided by the Department of Education and Training. This document MUST be completed on a weekly basis for ALL families who require any on-site supervision for their children. The completion of this form is mandatory as it allows us to provide the necessary on-site supervision to care for your children as well as meet Department guidelines and regulations. This will be the only way of notifying us of these requirements. Please do not phone the office with these details or communicate via your child’s teacher as this creates logistical difficulties.

Please ensure you complete all sections of the form and return to the school either with your child who is attending on-site or via email to Julie Skee.

Children currently attending on-site will be provided a hard copy each week. This document will also be added to the school website.
This form must be provided no later than 9am each Thursday morning, even if your supervision needs are the same every week.

NEPS On-Site Attendance Form