The canteen non-profit, and is managed by Jen Hutton and staffed by volunteers. We’re always keen for more volunteers to work occasional short shifts in the canteen, with all training provided. If you have some time available on a Thursday or Friday to work a 30 minute shift from time to time (the more volunteers we have, the fewer shifts) please contact us.

Lunch orders are available from the school canteen on Thursdays and Fridays. Students (or parents) write out their orders and include sufficient money in either a StickyBeak, a paper bag, or an envelope and place it in the lunch order box in their classroom. All lunch orders are prepared on site.

The Menu

All menu items are selected from the Canteen Traffic Light System where the majority of foods are classified as “green” and can be consumed every day.

Special Days

Several times per year we hold a special lunch order day. In the past, these have included Hot Cross Bun day and Footy lunch.  As menu items have to be ordered in specifically for these days, orders and payments are requested in advance on a special form which is sent home prior to these days.