NEPS is led by Principal Team Julie Skee and Nick Walsh. They are supported by a school council and student leadership roles as well as by staff in numeracy, literacy and well-being leadership roles.

Principal – Julie Skee

Julie Skee has been teaching at schools in Gippsland for all her career, with leadership playing an important role during that journey.

Julie is a strong advocate of NEPS as a learning community, and enjoys working with students, teachers, parents and the wider school community to promote strategies and initiatives that foster student growth.

During her time at the school, Julie helped establish programs like the NEPS Shed, which takes a hands-on approach to learning. She’s also passionate about promoting student engagement through her involvement with the variety of additional programs and activities that are offered at the school (such as Art Therapy, Language Support programs, Book Week celebrations, School gardens and the like).


Assistant Principal – Nick Walsh

As Assistant Principal at NEPS, Nick is responsible for leading the school’s student engagement and wellbeing priorities, as well as supporting students with learning difficulties, or those who require additional support while at school.


Leadership Team

Nick and Julie are supported by the Learning Specialists in Literacy and Numeracy as well as the School Improvement Leader for Well-being. The group meets regularly, working to make NEPS a community where students can grow in all areas.