Students at NEPS have many opportunities to be leaders at the school, including School Captains, House Captains, and Junior School Council.

Two School Captains and two Vice Captains are elected annually by the senior class to represent NEPS at important events, and speak on behalf of the student body. School Captains and Vice Captains are responsible for leading whole school assemblies each week, as well being positive role models for all students. They may also be called on to represent the school at special events such as ANZAC Day, pre-school transition days, or information sessions.

Each year students from the senior class are elected by their house peers as House Captains. House Captains are responsible collecting House points from each grade and announcing the winning team of the House Points competition at assembly. They are also responsible for being positive role models and reinforcing positive school behaviours, with the assistance of the school mascot, Respectful Roo. The House Captains also have a major role in assisting in the running of sports days, and they also competing against the teachers in the teacher vs. students relay at the school’s athletics carnival.

NEPS has an active Junior School Council (JSC) that is elected by students at the beginning of each year. Each class from grades 3 to 6 contributes one member. The JSC is responsible for organising a range of recreational and fundraising events each year, including Crazy Hair Day, JSC Disco and NEPS Idol. The JSC generally meets once a fortnight, making decisions about their activities as representatives of their classmates.

School captains and vice captains of 2020 with previous school leaders, now in year 12.